The stainless steel honeycomb panel originated from the manufacturing technology of the aviation industry.
It is made of two thinner panels bonded on a layer of honeycomb core material in the middle.
Stainless steel honeycomb panels have been widely used in interior and exterior wall decoration because of their light weight, high strength, high rigidity, durability, large panel surface, and good flatness.

The center of the stainless steel honeycomb panel is an aluminum hexagonal honeycomb core with low density, which greatly reduces the construction load and cost.
At the same time, the middle interlayer can be sound-insulated and heat-insulated, without flammable substances, with a fire rating of B1, waterproof, moisture-proof, and no harmful gas release.

It has high specific strength per unit mass, high specific stiffness, high flatness, good shock resistance, and is not easy to deform It overcomes the shortcomings of deformation and middle collapse when the single area is large, and is easy to install and has good durability.

As a high-quality panel, the stainless steel honeycomb panel has been decorated with fashionable elements in recent years, and it has frequently appeared in the fields of building curtain walls, suspended ceilings, partitions, and elevator engineering, attracting attention.

Stainless steel honeycomb panel partition also has the following advantages in its use:

1: Because it is made of stainless steel, the flatness of the plate is quite high, and it is not easy to deform.
In the past, the main function of the partition was to block the line of sight, but now, people pay more attention to its decorative function.
Due to its special metallic luster, the stainless steel honeycomb panel also presents another unique scene when it is used as a toilet partition.

2: The stainless steel honeycomb core material contributes to space insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and flame retardancy.
It is a good choice for high-end venues that pursue public safety and reflect eclecticism.

3: The stainless steel honeycomb panel partition is completely processed by metal plates, so it meets people’s pursuit of green environmental protection.

4: The selection of stainless steel bathroom partition material is very important, which is related to the comfort and safety of the whole bathroom.