Cabinets occupy most of the area of the kitchen, visually is considered the focus of the kitchen, so the choice of stainless steel cabinet color is very important, colored stainless steel cabinets have many kinds of colors, household more beautiful and resistant to dirty colors are mainly the following kinds:


Black is the classic color, compared to the traditional silver and white stainless steel cabinets, the black system is more atmospheric and unique, and darker shades of cabinets are more resistant to dirt.

2.Silver gray

Silver gray and white collision of simple fashion style, can show the owner of the luxury quality of life, and silver gray and silver white different, more introverted some, but the degree of resistance to dirt is not ideal.

3.Coffee color

Coffee-colored stainless steel cabinets are more suitable for open kitchen space, does not appear to be oppressive, can enhance the sense of spatial dynamism.


Red represents festive, used for kitchen cabinet color can add some mood and festive, of course, red is also a beautiful color, but pay attention to collocation.
In short, color stainless steel cabinets in many colors, according to their own aesthetic preferences for selection, but when choosing the color it is recommended to take into account the kitchen decorating style, to avoid appearing abrupt, too fancy colors are not recommended to pick.