1. How to clean stainless steel kitchen

The countertops of stainless steel cabinets are generally made of stainless steel.When cleaning, you can usually wipe it with a soft towel or rag.If the oil stain is serious, you can use a rag dipped in some soapy water or ammonia-containing detergent to wipe it.After wiping, use a wet rag. Wipe off the remaining detergent and scale, then wipe dry with a dry cloth.It should be noted that since stainless steel is not resistant to scratches,you must pay attention when cleaning and avoid using sharp objects such as steel balls and hard brushes to avoid damaging the protective layer of stainless steel.

2. How to maintain stainless steel cabinet countertops

Stainless steel cabinet countertops should be kept as dry as possible and avoid long-term water immersion to prevent deformation of the countertop;

Avoid placing hot pots directly on the countertop.Doing so for a long time may damage the surface of the stainless steel cabinet countertop.Place a heat-insulating pad on the countertop;

Do not let methylene chloride, stove cleaners, strong acid cleaners and other chemicals directly come into contact with stainless steel cabinet countertops.If you accidentally come into contact with them, rinse the surface with plenty of water in time;

When cutting vegetables on the stainless steel cabinet countertop, put a cutting board on it to avoid leaving knife marks.If there are knife marks, you can lightly wipe the stainless steel cabinet countertop with 240-400 grit sandpaper, and then treat it with a dry cloth;

When cleaning stainless steel cabinet countertops, do not use hard steel balls, chemical agents, or steel brushes to scrub.Instead, use a soft towel, a soft cloth with water, or a soft cloth with water or a neutral detergent;