1. How about stainless steel cabinets with integrated stove?

The integrated stove integrates a hood, stove, etc.

It is more convenient to use and more beautiful than the traditional three-piece set.

When paired with stainless steel cabinets, it has a more integrated and fashionable feel.

Different design styles can also meet different needs.

Integrated stoves with stainless steel cabinets are very suitable for open kitchens.

The key to creating an open kitchen is that the kitchen is smoke-free, and integrated stoves can meet this requirement.

In addition, stainless steel cabinets are placed in open kitchens, and their appearance and practicality are also relatively good. High.

2. How to deal with the gap between stainless steel cabinets and integrated stove

Applying glass glue is a common method.

During maintenance, you can use a paper knife to cut the glass glue.

After the maintenance is completed, just apply glass glue again.

Seams. It is also possible to apply seam sealant to the gaps between stainless steel cabinets and integrated stoves, and they are more beautiful.

However, the seams will be very hard after drying, which will cause more trouble if maintenance is needed in the future.

Gap strip. Gap strip is a new type of gap treatment product, which is also more beautiful.